Illustration & Art Direction: Brett Jones // Photography: Head Drop & Beyond Gorilla
Show posters which started out photographic, but moved to illustration to help Riptide stand out from the crowd, while drawing in a broader "new to wrestling" audience. 
Social Media
A series of graphics to be used on the socials to highlight upcoming shows, booked talent and any other information. Here you can see how each show took on a look all of its own while you could still say yes thats Riptide.
Championship Belts
A little bit before Covid kicked in and tanked the shows altogether I got to work on some new belt designs for both a Jr weight champion and Tag Team champions. Always looking to try something different the Jr Weight belt ended up being a medal, unfortunately the Tag Team belts never go their moment in the sun.
In wrestling merch is a big deal, along with everything else Riptide we wanted to break away from the traditional and broaden the style to both standout and reach a greater audience.
Beer Labels
Finally, talk about ticking off those bucketlist items Riptide delivered, for a number of shows local breweries created special beers for them of which I got to design wrestler specific labels for.
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